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last night, I had this dream where my mom worked a chili's, so I went to visit her. But it took a really long time to get any food, so I settled on a burger that I saw on the counter. It was pretty delicious if I remember correctly and the people there told me not to pay for it because it took so long.

On our way out the door, these high school jocks told the manager that if we didn't pay for our food, they were going to ditch school the next day. So there was a fight and everyone went out into the parking lot. At some point, I asked someone to turn some music on and I started dancing. Then people joined in. First they played "the hustle" and then "footloose" and then we set up a carnival

which is some excellent advice because when things get tense, the answer is always "the hustle"

do do do do do do do do do
do the hustle!

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Mike Daull said...

Whoa. That's a pretty cool dream. That's the way dreams should be, completely incoherent and random. I know a guy who said that his dreams are always about doing things he does every day, like mowing the lawn or doing the dishes. That would be unbearably depressing...