Adventures in Hollywood

Alice, I promised to draw this one awhile ago. Finally got it done!

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Ink drawings

what I did over thanksgiving vacation. 5"x7" ink on paper

Made for dec 5 and 6 in LA!


Costume idea

sorry it's been so long! I've been spending all my time googling the new twilight movie. Just kidding (not really)

but I have been working a lot on my halloween costume. I will put up photos when it is done :)

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My greatest accomplishments

my first red carpet event!

Living in the South Pole!

Jungle Cruise with my new monkey friend!

Ain't no party like an old lady party!

(have some extra time... lost it to photoshop weirdness)

Great dating email

I was going through my old dating site account and reading some of the old emails James and I wrote. Then I thought, "i wanna look at the crazy ones, too!"

And there is was, calling me with the "i wanna luv u" header:

"shhhhhhhhh i find everything about u beautiful and am in love with what i have seen so? am ____, well just saw your pfofile but don't know if we could be friends and get to know each other better.
Things you might want to know....

I'm a good person, down to earth and friendly, who has a pretty good idea where I want my life to go. I've not planned everything out detail to detail... because I like to leave room for life to grow and simply..... happen. Leave some extra time so you can take the scenic route and stop at that antique store or flea market out in the middle of nowhere. Life is a journey and the only thing promised is that it will always change, but how it changes is up to us ;)

I've been through life's ups and downs, the ups have been wonderful and the downs have taught me a lot about life and what works for me.

well miss your next meal for reading this mail. lol just kidding.Love 2 hear from u."

I like how it starts with a "shhhhhhh"

I made a lamp!

I had these antique glass pieces and I wanted to make them into a lamp. I got the socket and wire (bf showed me how to hook it up)

Then I got some wood and made the base.

happy with it:



Bought this time life book about fish and this creepy guy was in it! I love weird looking animals

drawing a day

trying to do a drawing a day. probably won't post them all, but here are two