gifts for the BF!

I gave the BF his gifts last night... I tried to make them as good as the penguin...

Turned this into a shirt:

this also became a shirt:

this didn't end up as a shirt, but I was able to make it into some cards... Boys never have cards to send, right??? Well I tried to make it a shirt but it didn't work so I had to think of something!

I also made him a robot duckie with laser/led eyes... but I don't have a photo of that!

Pengy fan art

ok, not really fan art... but the BF and I decided to exchange homemade presents this christmas, He worked on it this weekend and was very eager to give it to me early :) I loved it

It's a balsa wood penguin with a clock (as you can see) but the digital screen is also a picture viewer which he loaded up with some cute pics if us. And there is also a little microphone and speaker in it! My pengy can talk! Right now it says "merry christmas, Morgan)

I was VERY impressed and now I must show it off to the whole interweb :)

and here's a video:

Balboa Park

went to san diego and had a drawing day! it was fun. Here was the best one: