Pengy fan art

ok, not really fan art... but the BF and I decided to exchange homemade presents this christmas, He worked on it this weekend and was very eager to give it to me early :) I loved it

It's a balsa wood penguin with a clock (as you can see) but the digital screen is also a picture viewer which he loaded up with some cute pics if us. And there is also a little microphone and speaker in it! My pengy can talk! Right now it says "merry christmas, Morgan)

I was VERY impressed and now I must show it off to the whole interweb :)

and here's a video:


miriamdema said...

that is super awesome!
yay for handy boyfriends that make stuff!!

Kristina T said...

Jealous. So jealous. Am I.

Anonymous said...

Words cannot express how awesome!!!