Patrick's comic about meat

Patrick made this comic for me and I LOVE it! I was threatening to draw a comic where he is hugging Tom Hanks. He threatened to do this comic, to which my response was "DO IT!"

Check out his comic, Choking Hazard

Indie Icing

I got featured on a blog post on Indie Icing!

for this piece

Lovebot finished

5" x 7" two plate linocut
printed on a vintage amateur radio magazine
SALE $13
buy it here

More portraits

"Ren Faire Cassanova"
watercolor and acrylic
comes matted 8" x 10"

"Paul Schneider"
digital print $7

"Poodle Party"
digital print $7

"Fabulous in Red"
watercolor and acrylic
comes in a 8" x 10" white matte


one of my favs:

sometimes, I embarass myself
(click pic to enlarge)

posted some new stuff to my etsy site!

here is the link to my etsy site:
but you can also send me a message if there is something you would like to buy or trade for
morgan (at)

some new stuff was posted!

Radio Poppies Linocut 5"x7"- $10

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. two linocuts, 5"x7", $30 for both

Shrieking Housewife linocut 7"x5"- $10

Yeti, 2 color linocut 5"x7"- $13

Sorry I missed your party

There is this site I love, sorry I missed your party, and she posted some joke about wanting a watercolor of it.

Since I have a lot of free time:

Happy New Year!

These past few months have been a bit of a blur of reckless decisions. Up side: there will possible be some hilarious comics where I look like an idiot. Down side: I am an idiot.

Right now I am working on a linocut! Which will be posted when dry!