Being single isn't the worst thing in the world

I saw this homeless man with one of the "single?" posters that are all over LA. I thought it was really strange that this company would choose him to advertise for them, seeing as dating is the least of his problems. But then, I saw the other side of his sign, which had "spare change?" written on it and I realized that he stole the sign in order to panhandle.

but it was still crazy to see it

grapefruit wars

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when I was in high school, there was this girl that I was jealous of in my english class. She turned in a paper late, but the teacher made a big deal of it because it was 3 or 4 pages longer than it needed to be; "Now, this is the way that a mature person acts; if you're going to turn in something late, turn in something that exceeds expectations"
I was bitterly jealous, but then it turned out that she took the paper off the internet and got caught. It was pretty funny.

I bring it up because I haven't updated in awhile, and this lame comic is what I have for you. I guess I'm not very mature

kid drawings

i found these in an old sketchbook. I know the top is mine, the bottom could be mine or my brother's. We were probably 10.

The top one I am pretty sure I was trying to draw a crazy lady, but I don't know why she is wearing paisleys (it was the 90's)

ghost says I am busy

I have been ever so busy with work and looking for a new apartment. I actually drew a lackluster comic on my break, but I left it in my car, so you get this instead

But soon I will draw something so wondrous that your eyes will light on fire

so, check back soon?

ben fan blurb

I've actually had this for awhile, but I was saving it for a time when I didn't have time to update. That time is now

but it's something really very nice from Ben (do you want me to link to you here?)

"How about instead of "fan art," you copy this?

The thing about Morgan's (iwishihadablabla.etc.;-)) comics is that they identify with how hard it sucks growing up. Kids...Morgan dealt with it...Marriage...Morgan dealt with it...Trying to be an adult...Morgan is dealing.

Through thick and thin, Morgan has a grasp on how hard this process is. And for that, she deserves a penguin friend. "

thanks ben!!!

not a comic- blog

last night, I had this dream where my mom worked a chili's, so I went to visit her. But it took a really long time to get any food, so I settled on a burger that I saw on the counter. It was pretty delicious if I remember correctly and the people there told me not to pay for it because it took so long.

On our way out the door, these high school jocks told the manager that if we didn't pay for our food, they were going to ditch school the next day. So there was a fight and everyone went out into the parking lot. At some point, I asked someone to turn some music on and I started dancing. Then people joined in. First they played "the hustle" and then "footloose" and then we set up a carnival

which is some excellent advice because when things get tense, the answer is always "the hustle"

do do do do do do do do do
do the hustle!

david wolfe fan art

Yay! here's a strip from Dave over at Paranoia High. I've linked to him here before, but you should check him out again. He now draws AND writes his own comic

Thanks, Dave!

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52 fridays guest comic

I drew this for Mr. Patrick over at 52 fridays... click the button above to get there and you will be ever so happy that you did

fuzzyandoj guest strip

a guest comic for the one and only fuzzy and oj
They have some funny stuff about drinking and sexin... two things that my own comics lack. Fill your desires here

Nicholas' fan art!

thanks Nicholas!!! He's also got some really neato zombie drawings that you should check out! click on his name! CLICKY!

Kristina fan art!

I'm actually in Reno right now, so I wasn't planning on posting anything, but Miss Kristina sent me this! And so I am posting it immediately!



or you can send something in the form of text. like so:

"There once was a penguin from LA
who basked in the sun every day
he lived in a zoo
til he hopped on a canoe
and floated far far away...

and died in the middle of the ocean from a lack of air conditioning and an inability to catch live fish."

Thanks Kim !

fan art 12?

Ok, the anniversary celebration starts now and runs spottily through April

Thanks to Patrick from 52 Fridays for this gem :)