grapefruit wars

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when I was in high school, there was this girl that I was jealous of in my english class. She turned in a paper late, but the teacher made a big deal of it because it was 3 or 4 pages longer than it needed to be; "Now, this is the way that a mature person acts; if you're going to turn in something late, turn in something that exceeds expectations"
I was bitterly jealous, but then it turned out that she took the paper off the internet and got caught. It was pretty funny.

I bring it up because I haven't updated in awhile, and this lame comic is what I have for you. I guess I'm not very mature


Mike Daull said...

I've never heard of this second kind of grapefruit. But then again, I never purchase grapefruits, so I have little to no frame of reference. And I don't stuff my bra either.

But either way, this is a very informative chart, and I will keep it in mind should I ever find myself to become an avid grapefruit consumer.

patrick said...

i stuff my bra... i blame it on societies unrealistic expectations... those fuckers.

Anonymous said...

i hope she got her ass paddled for that.