It ends with a whimper

8"x8" acrylic on canvas (for sale: email me)

I was once in this relationship where, near the end, I would get so FURIOUS sleeping next to him. So much so, that sometimes I would get up and go take a shower just so I wouldn't have to be in the same room. But at the same time, I really wanted him to like me and I saw him all the time. And so I would have these very emotional conversations with myself while the guy just slept away, none the wiser...

Perhaps I need to express my feelings better next time.

swatch guy

This was a guy that I was talking to right before I went to NYC, and I drew this in the airport at 4 am, it turned out surprisingly well considering that

I hope it doesn't seem mean spirited or that I am teasing, which is not the case...

OTHERWISE, the freaking robots or spiders got my email address with this domain. I already changed it to the (at) instead of @, but is there anything I can do? Or am I doomed to receive 700 spam mails a day?

joel fox film screening!

and, tonight I'm going to my friend's screening! Yay for Joel Fox! If you're in LA, come to the echo park film center tonight

here's a picture! He's full of wonder, too!

new solicitation!

I love the internet... here's a new one. It's just rife with sincerity, isn't it?

"You are the most beautifull woman in the world, I am not joking, my question is do you really know that? maybe i am exagerating but at list you are one of them, I have dreams of the perfect girl and you are that, its exactly what is in my christmas letter, If at least i can be your friend i will be satisfied, give that pleasure sweety.
my name is ____"

portrait party!

Patrick and I did an exchange for the portrait party!

check out Patrick's site!

and let me know if you're interested in doing an exchange with me!

JFK employees

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new one also below!


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I have a bunch more stuff from my trip and I'll be posting it over the next couple of days


off to NYC for a week... Hopefully I'll come back with all sorts of new comics


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