fan art 2

In response to the last fan art, I wrote:

"Though I think a dinosaur should have come out of nowhere and bitten someone's head off. "

Deurr the artist wrote:

Okay... you're the writer/director. This scene could come later in the movie, but I'm concerned about the continuity. I had to get a kid to draw the dinosaur biting off someone's head, thus driving the special effects costs up. I'd like to bring this flick in under budget ...
I thought that the guy who gets killed should not be a major character, but provide motivation for your subway puking. Your thoughts? :)

PS -- I can change the strip club background, but would like to keep costs down. It's hard to be practical with you artistic types.


why i dropped off the radar recently

the stage should have a stripper pole, but it doesn't... SHAME ON ME

this toilet it awesome. Everything in it is edible (except for the cigarette and cell phone). The actor gagged when he reached into it. It's a new toilet (nothing really disgusting)