Groupon good deal

not a comic, but Groupon is offering a rad deal if you are interested in taking some art classes in LA
Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art – Lake Balboa
Three-Hour Painting or Drawing Classes (Up to 59% Off)
$25 for one class,
$59 for three classes

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Little Miss Juggalo

Little Miss Juggalo
watercolor and pen on paper
5" x 7"
$40 here on etsy
or leave a comment or email me to purchase

New stuff!

June Bug linocut
5"x 7" series of 6

Gnarled Tree illustration
ink on paper
5" x 7"

Delicate Leaves
ink on paper
7" x 5"

LA Chinatown Summer Nights

I'll be vending here this weekend (saturday sept 10)

Come check out my new stuff if you are in the LA area!

Here's the facebook event

Why I hate Ravelry (sometimes)

This comic is sort of lame, so I apologize in advance. I have been busy acclimating to a new life and apt, etc etc, and haven't had much interest in spending my free time doing comics. Until, of course, I felt like ranting about something. So here's my ranting comic that will only be understood by a very small subsection of readers :)

Ugh sorry about no updates

I have been a horrible webcomic person. BUT, I'm here! I just have been too busy with my day job and luckily I also had a commission job. Plus, I'm terribly in love and that takes up a lot of my time.

I do have intentions to keep up this website, so stay tuned. I also post updates to the facebook page when they are available:

Happy February!