Everybody! I JUST hooked up the internet at my apartment, so hopefully I'll have a new cartoon up tomorrow night. In the meantime, here are some pictures from my birthday

I did get some fake poop for my birthday... which is pretty much something I always need, but never have
Oh, and I'm donning my fabulous new wig

and also... a request for jobs

So, I'm looking to make some extra money in my free time, does anyone know of any jobs? And, no, I'm not looking for a career in online surveys.

so if you hear anyone wants help paint a house, data entry, generally being pretty in exchange for monetary compensation, do let me know.

And, if you are interested, you could also commission some sort of art from me..

ie: drastically trying to shill any talents I have for beer, taxes, and brakes for my car



Here are some samples from my new book! It is 56 pages and some might say quite delightful. they're for sale for $6, click the "Buy Now" link!

(click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)