Penguin meatballs fan art (kinda)

Kim made these penguin meatballs, but she didn't make them for me... she made them for her boyfriend, which is kind of crappy if you ask me, Kim. But enjoy their visual deliciousness as I did:

Christmas Cards!

Sorry I've been so busy and lame. Work has been CRAZY! And this weekend, I went to San Diego for a craft fair (very fun) and to visit some relatives (even more fun). So I just got back today and I have nothing new of worth to show.

I do, however, have these pictures that I've made into greeting cards. If you want to buy them, click on this button:

they're 5"x 6 1/2" and they come with an envelope (of course). Each is for sale at $2.50 (I'm only putting one button so let me know which one you want. This is all moot of course because the only person who ever buys from me here is my mom and I already gave her some cards. But just in case.... email me at morgan (at) or leave a note when you checkout with paypal)

craft fair this weekend!

I (morgan: will be at this event this saturday from 10-4. It'll be 8 different vendors selling their crafts. I've heard a little rumor that there might be free wine, oh yes... So stop on by it's at 3908 San Lorenzo River Rd. Ontario, CA Creekside East. I'll even have my craft mafia shirt on! wowee!

penguin costume from Diana!

some of you might remember this comic from this past july:

but I got an email from Diana that she was inspired to create this magnificent costume. If I were giving out medals, she would get, like, five of them :) Thanks for making my week Diana!

my foray into fan fiction

click on the image to enlarge

Yes, this story is true. And now that I've been thinking about it, I actually wrote 3 stories about him

to sum up.... I am a loser and always have been :)

video from high school

a funny little video I did for the "Kim and Morgan Show" from senior year of high school

greeting card- Hats

a new greeting card and my contribution on illustration friday (I had the idea before I saw the topic "hats" which was neato)

new greeting cards

two new greeting cards I made!

Today I bought some cookie dough....mmmmmm... cookie dough


Ok, so I know I haven't been doing many comic updates... Why you ask? I have been busy getting together things like the Los Angeles Craft Mafia and for that, i spent the weekend making prints of my paintings, please let me know if you're interested!

here are the paintings I've made prints of: (I'll put details later, but I'm thinking of selling them for $10 for the smaller ones and $15 for the bigger ones)

time for pumpkins!

haven't updated in awhile... I've been having a hard time thinking of a new post that is significant and honest. So, in the meantime, enjoy some halloween action!