anniversary celebration

ok, so I have decided that for the big one year event, I will put out requests for anything from the readers... And keep in mind that I'm not picky. In fact, I have a couple things all lined up... some guest art from the jum and Patrick

and a limerick!

so, yes... this is me being annoying and asking for your work.. But you don't have to work much, I swear!

And you can email it to:

This april will be the 1 year anniversary of the penguin friend website (at least of the domain)

Does anyone have any ideas about how to make it super special?

How about if you submit some fan art, I will send you a handcrafted surprise?


i obviously wrote this one around the tacos line

( i tried to make them all the same width, but blogger is strange. You should be able to click to enlarge, let me know if you can't)


ok, so I have a new comic all drawn and happy.... but I don't have time to scan it and publish it. Hopefully tomorrow...

some of us are crazy busy, ok?

Finally! all the old comics are now on the new site. If you want to see the old page, or click the link to the right "OLD SITE"
here is the new website. i will be slowly uploading old comics on to this page. If you want to see the old page still, click here
testing out the new website. Patrick is the evil genius behind it all. send him lots of love

fan art 10

the generous Deurr with another donation to the "morgan is too busy to update"

It's so interesting because I have gotten the most feedback about "Cut Them Right Down", mostly from people who think their punchline is better. This is usually the case. Feel free to submit and comics that are variations of my own and I will post them