mmmm sushi

new painting! I think I'll put it up for sale on etsy... email me if you're interested

acrylic on canvas 8"x10"


my submission for this week's illustration friday the word was "captain"

otherwise, I changed the site's colors. Just felt like mixin' it up!

another comic to look at

hey guys, I wanted to share something really cool. I found this really awesome illustrator cartoonist and I wanted to share the link

check it out and it will rock your socks
4 posts in one day! Wowee!

hey, have you seen this? Totally incredible

waiting (2nd time)

the top one I drew July 2006 while waiting an hour for a date to show up.

The bottom one I drew last week. Dates still keep me waiting a long time, but at least my drawing is getting better

what Benjamin taught me



If i started to sell paintings on here, would any of you be interested in them?

Just checking

and if you really want to spend money, why not click on the right and buy my new (or old) comic books? They are singing their siren song to you.

I should have some new stuff up tonight, by the by


(not fishing for compliments)
and as you all know...

you must CLICK the comic to enlarge

not a comic

So, I checked "Mogie," the nickname I gave myself, on and here was the definition

1.: one step below a gargy 2.: one who invests in lottery like a 401k 3.: calls spouse old lady or old man 4.: lacks personal hygiene
bitter white male or female

I think i should have researched the name first.

here's how it makes me feel: