new craft fair I'll sell at

I'll be here:

Saturday, August 9, 2008 / 10 am to 6pm

The Tribal Marketplace is a gathering of artist, artisans, collectors and musicians of all kinds, located in the cultural epicenter of Los Angeles, Echo Park/Historic Filipino town, the "Tribal Cafe". The Tribal Marketplace seeks to offer a variety of arts, crafts, apparel, handmade goods and collectibles for purchase, live music and resident dj's will be spinning throughout the day inside and outside the café giving you and the community the most of the Tribal experience.

LOCATION: Tribal Cafe in Los Angeles, California, is located on Temple St between Glendale and Union St right off the Hollywood (101) 1651W Temple St Los Angeles CA 90026


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Art by:
aRtE aMuKi
Lynnix Timoi
Johny Burdoz
Oscar Araujo Joana Santos Brian

Live Performers:
Jannette Sol
Cyn Da' Poet

Live Music by:
Blaque Whole Sons
Confessions Of A Corn Silo

PLAGARISM! (not really)

allright, the consensus is that it is not similar. Fair enough! While I know I don't have enough of a readership to confirm such a belief, I thought that it was pretty similar. I take it all back :)

now most of you know this drawing that I did in 2006

but I ran into this:


sorry things have been kind of nuts. It's not that I haven't been drawing, but the projects I've done are ones that are part of a collaborative project and I don't feel right posting them yet. In the meantime, enjoy the single panel!

book lights

I was having trouble following the last comic (the smelling one) because that one ended up being one of my most emotional/personal favorite. I did this one, but wasn't quite happy with it. I'm posting it anyway because I need to update with a comic and maybe it will be easier to write the next comic.

also, if you look at the post below this, you'll see some awesome monkeys


when I draw in only pen (without sketching it first) it will look insane, like these: enjoy the jungle madness