PLAGARISM! (not really)

allright, the consensus is that it is not similar. Fair enough! While I know I don't have enough of a readership to confirm such a belief, I thought that it was pretty similar. I take it all back :)

now most of you know this drawing that I did in 2006

but I ran into this:


Eden said...

While the two shirts have similarities, I highly doubt the artist was in any way plagiarizing your work. The birds in both pictures obviously have a very different relationship and you are certainly not the first person to posit that birds might get off on the thought of pecking someone's face.

On a side note, Shirts on Sale offers information about t-shirt sales and coupons on the Internet. We do not print or sell any t-shirts at this time. This wiseguys Boid shirt is actually from Shirt.Woot.

Thank you, though, for supporting SoS with your link.

jancola said...

Hmm. Honestly, I don't think they plagiarized you... because yours makes more sense. And the art is really different.