cool photo and monster drawings

you may or may not know that in addition to selling comics at craft fairs, I also make resin pendants with stamps and such in them.  Here is the very awesome Bri showing off the pendants that she got with stamps from around the world... thanks for sending me a photo!

and here are some miscellany monster drawings:

photo time

just thought it was important to post this photo

I like drinking, I like eating, and I like popsicles. One day I'll find a way to consume all three at one time

why so busy?

I know, the comic thing has been slacking.  It's been a flurry of activity, general depression, and panhandling


But seriously folks, besides work, and putting on that craft show, getting stuff ready for the craft show, preparing issue 3 for print, spending time with friends, getting taxes ready, and sorting receipts...

what have I been doing?  

oh, just GIVING LIFE:

California poppies that I grew from SEEDS

"Chinese Houses" that I grew from SEEDS

And this has nothing to do with anything, but look at what I found in Santa Monica:

yes, that pile has a piece of paper that says "INFORMED"
click to enlarge, I dare you


A long time ago, I posted the blue painting ("i fucking hate you") on a livejournal forum and I got this response :

"I've been there, too. except i was the guy. I thought she didn't like me, and that's why she'd turn her back to me... i'd stare at it and wonder for hours whether she'd push me away if i got closer."

And I was really struck by that image and the fact that maybe, for once, I shouldn't do everything from a woman's perspective