gifts for the BF!

I gave the BF his gifts last night... I tried to make them as good as the penguin...

Turned this into a shirt:

this also became a shirt:

this didn't end up as a shirt, but I was able to make it into some cards... Boys never have cards to send, right??? Well I tried to make it a shirt but it didn't work so I had to think of something!

I also made him a robot duckie with laser/led eyes... but I don't have a photo of that!

Pengy fan art

ok, not really fan art... but the BF and I decided to exchange homemade presents this christmas, He worked on it this weekend and was very eager to give it to me early :) I loved it

It's a balsa wood penguin with a clock (as you can see) but the digital screen is also a picture viewer which he loaded up with some cute pics if us. And there is also a little microphone and speaker in it! My pengy can talk! Right now it says "merry christmas, Morgan)

I was VERY impressed and now I must show it off to the whole interweb :)

and here's a video:

Balboa Park

went to san diego and had a drawing day! it was fun. Here was the best one:

Potato dress

Oh man! What a lame person I've been! Hardly any new comics!

I blame it on a these things:
work, craft fairs, the Alternative Press Expo, knitting, needlefelting, and a certain boyfriend who I want to spend all my time with.

I was going to do a long comic today, but I needed to get a dress for a christmas party. After a stressful time doing that, I decided to spend some time and make a nice, color one panel. I am going to try to get some more comics done on thanksgiving weekend...


Looking to buy some comics?
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Want to read your favorite penguin friend comics? 
I've compiled only the very best. 
It's perfect-bound with a very fancy laminated cover...
read some sample pages (click to enlarge)

My first paperback book!
72 pages! 
it says $10, but for you special online friends it's ONLY $8!

The much anticipated sequel! It's finally here!

some samples (click to enlarge):

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56 pages
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If you're in San Francisco this weekend, come see me at the Alternative Press Expo!

saturday and sunday... I'm in booth 208 :)

Come get my two new books!

Las Vegas Shoes

Alice was also here, but I was feeling lazy about the drawing halfway through, haha

Going to APE this friday!!!

Roller Derby Linocut

New Linocut! Special for this weekend's roller derby that I'll be selling at. (though I'll be selling the uncolored versions)

new cover for paperback!

This new book is almost ready to go to the printers! I'm so excited to be printing a paperback :)

i'm working on the new book

hi everyone! I'm spending lots and lots of time getting my comics together for printing for the Alternative Press Expo.

What can you look forward to?

A penguin friend paperback! Yes!

and a new Bad Judgement book (the cover is below) with unseen comics in it!


in the meantime, here is an oldie but goodie:

new cover

coming out with the new book, this is what I will probably do for the cover, what do you think?

animal paintings for sale

I am selling some ORIGINAL paintings that I did recently for ONLY $70. This is to help me raise some funds so that I can print my new comic book.

These are from the "Animal Manners" series that I'm working on. Each has been signed, of course, and will be shipped with lots and lots of padding.

"Mr. Bear"
5"x7" acrylic and ink on hardboard
framed and ready to hang


"Ms. Panda"
5"x7" acrylic and ink on hardboard
framed and ready to hang
$70 SOLD

Here is a photo to show you what the simple frame looks like:

Alternative Press Expo!

Guess what!

I will be exhibiting at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco Nov 1st and 2nd!

I'm very excited and can't wait! Oh crap, I better get some more stuff ready to sell!!

here's the website:

stuff that I sell!

Here are some images of things I sell at craft fairs:

some colored in linocuts:

one of my best sellers:

fun with gocco card!:

Ms Panda painting

Mr Bear Painting

new painting in the animal series

(also, i enabled the "labels" function on my blog. I have only listed linocuts and paintings so far, but if you want to see all my linocuts in one place, click on the linocut label. Same with paintings)

bela linocut

linocut of Bela Lugosi as Dracula, about 5"x7"


This one is for Kim because she recently took the bar exam (lawyer stuff, not certified mixology)