(not fishing for compliments)
and as you all know...

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robert said...

*WE* think you're beautiful NOW.

Chloe said...

But... you ARE beautiful! It's a state of mind, baby, a state of mind. Incidentally, I was wondering when you'd illustrate this epiphany.

K.T. said...

you're funny! i can relate. it has occurred to me--and this hasn't been an entirely happy thought--what if THIS is the best i'm going to look, this here right now?! better embrace it! :-) thanks for the honestly and humor.

Anonymous said...

All comments above are true.
It is a state of mind - so true
You are beautiful - so true
It's hard out there - so true. But truly it's not over - it's only starting

When I was about 35 my ex thought I was much more attractive than 10 years earlier. Yah, who cares - he was an idiot - but I took it as a compliment.

At 43 I had more exciting, fun relationships than I had ever had ever. My 20's were a bust and my 30's were about kids. My 40's was a blast. My 50's are kind of boring - but that is a personal problem - I have done nothing to make them exciting.

Over? I think not - you'll have to read my memoirs someday


Laura-Marie said...

I always say, "I wasn't put on this earth to be beautiful," when I feel like culture is telling me that women exist to be eye candy. It helps me.

patrick said...


morgan is a comic genius, as you all know by now.

what you dont know is that she needs money, well you might know this, but if you do know this then shame on you for not giving her any.

so, yeah.

every little penny helps.

Jeannette said...