Tori said...

this comic is the story of my life. actually, the 1/2 conceptualized comic book i've been "working on" for the past month is the story of my life..partially. but i know how you feel..except your 8or9 is like 2or3am for me.. but i was just about to put some of your lovely stuff on my christmas list so hopefully if my parents still believe in getting me presents you will be less broke. wait a minute, did i just announce my comic book on your blog before mine? oops.

i wish i had a penguin friend said...

wow! I admire your dedication! There's a big reason why all my comics are compilations of short ones! I don't like working on things that take more than one night!!

When you do finish, lemme know! I wanna be the first to buy a copy :)

You're so sweet :)

The Alterpenguin Superdork said...

I don't like working on things that take more than three minutes, I am currently attempting ceramics as part of my secret ninja training in patience... unfortunately I am mostly receiving awesome training in sloppy "I'm sure it looks a bit like a bowl if you hold it up to the light and squint" Other than that, this story is proof that you have been stalking me ;)