craft mafia meetup


No new comic right now, I was lucky enough to have the flu all weekend. So all I have to update with is this:

Craft Mafia Meet Up!

Tuesday, January 22nd is our craft
mafia meet up! If you’re interested in becoming a
member or just want to meet some new people, come on
out! Bring a friend, the more the merrier! The info:
Tuesday Jan 22nd 7pm
Saints and Sinners Bar
10899 Venice Boulevard
West Los Angeles, CA 90034

Come out, grab a drink from the bar, chat, craft and laugh with us! We’ll be in the back room.

The Craft for this months meet-up will be:

Mafiosa Bath Bombs by Nichole

If you don’t know already, we have our own website

Or you can find us here:

*Keep your eyes peeled for 2 possible selling
opportunities in February!

* If you have anything you would like announced
please email us so we can put it in our newsletter…
ESPECIALLY craft fair submission information***

See you there!

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jancola said...

Sorry, I need to get my blogspot hooked up to an email that works, I saw this too late. I hope to make it to your I Made it! Market, though :)