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So, last night I had big plans to draw a comic, I really did.


I decided to have one of those nights where I dress up and then sit around my house and then eat, you know what I mean? Oh, you don't?

Let me explain then... I'll put on a dress that I don't have the guts to wear in public expressly for the purpose of just sitting around with it on. Sometimes I'll wear a babushka, depending on my level of melancholy. I rent a whole bunch of movies... Then, I slowly nibble away at whatever food I have at my house.
So, the highlight of my evening was watching Shirley Valentine while wearing the dress I bought in Mexico and stuffing handfuls of Krusty-O's into my craw.


I really suggest that you all try it.


Anonymous said...

Good advice. This is my plan for tonight - although I will choose a little Jane Austen and something salty to eat. PLus wine of course

Thanatos said...

Sometimes I like to wear my bowtie around the house.

Dave said...

Hello Kitty halter - Benny & Joon.