"bad judgement" taste

here's a sample from an upcoming book I'll be publishing. It's co-authored by one Miss Chloe McLeod. It chronicles our various bad dates/boyfriends/crushes et cetera. I'll let you know when I have it ready (probably late June)

otherwise, I'm busy packing and moving

(and Jum, don't be mad at me for posting a sample!)


patrick said...

ooh i wish i could have been a part of this, you know, to add a male perspective, and ive had some pretty effed up dating experiences

anyway, i cant wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

you've got a publisher, and a website..

wow, you're a better man(woman) than i am.

Morgan said...

well, i'm publishing it myself.. so i'm basically just sending it to a printer... I wish i could get it professionally published.. maybe i'll try to